ECO Builder Gel In A Bottle (BIAB)

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Color: Lilies in White
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🌟 Easy Application: Effortlessly achieve salon-worthy nails.

🌟 Hard Gel: Enjoy durability and strength for long-lasting results.

🌟 Buff Off: Say goodbye to complex removal processes.

🌟 Odorless: Embrace a comfortable and odor-free nail session.

🌟 Great Adhesion: Achieve flawless nails that stay intact.


🌼 Can Be Infilled: Maintain your stunning nails with ease.

🌼 Can Be Soaked Off: Flexibility for change, no hassle.

🌼 Reduces Service Time: Efficient and time-saving.

🌼 Helps Grow Nails Longer: Nurtures your natural nails.

With a Stunning Range:

🎨 6 Colors Available: Choose your perfect shade.

⏰ Lasts Up to 4 Weeks: Enjoy enduring beauty.

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