Bisou Medical Face Mask 50pcs/box

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BISOU 4 PLY MEDICAL MASK/ANTIBACTERIAL MASKS 50 PCS 1 Box includes 5 separate Bags which contains 10 pcs of Masks each inside. Our masks are imported from Vietnam directly by us. There are many type of masks in the market, and some are carelessly made due to the high demand and low supply. However, We have chosen MITO and BISOU brand out of many brands in Vietnam to import in Malaysia because it is one of the best brand we could find with CE and other quality certificates. We have also did our test to compare to other masks, as you can see from the video. Rest assure that all our masks are good quality and we offer Money back guarantee if you find that our products are not as described. BISOU is slightly THICKER than MITO. You can check out MITO in our listing. - Products Tested: not irritating to Skin, does not contain the content of Hormones, heavy metals such as Hg, Cr6+, Pb, Cd..... Antibacterial 4-layer medical mask Dimensions: 17.5 x 9.5 cm - 4 layers - Filter bacteria, odors and dust more than 99% - Air filter fabric is waterproof, breathable, does not cause skin allergies. - The nose bar is easy to shape, helps to fix the mask and create tightness, hugging the face - Rugged strap, good elasticity feels comfortable to use. - Pasteurized Bisou medical masks are made up of 4 layers to prevent smoke, dust, bacteria from invading, preventing dangerous diseases spread through the respiratory tract. Effective use when traveling on the road or working in hospitals, hazardous industrial environments

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