Airbrush Spray Ombre

Color: Black
Sale price$165.00



Air Flow: 8L
Pressure: 20-25 psi
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Working time: 40 mins for continuous working,
1-2 hours for intermittent working
Material: PC bullet- proofed
With auto start and stop function


1. Pressure: 25 psi, the highest among all the similar cordless airbrush compressor, all other similar only 13-15 psi for pressure.
2. Very silent.
3. With auto start and stop function, the first cordless airbrush who can have such function, we applied the patent.
4. 1.5 hours can charge the battery full, and it can last for 60-120 mins.
5. The whole body of the compressor seal up very tightly, not leak even a little air, water proofed.
6. Handy and portable, more convenient than other similars.

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